Herein is a collection of accounts witnessed and recorded by your own colleagues. Primus does not like secrets, and it is part of the nature of Primus that knowledge is rarely truly lost.

Although our skills are but those of mortal folk, we strive to maintain this Codex in truth and clarity against all corruption, deceit and prejudice. This is our Oath as Scholars of the Codex, and we ask that all visitors respect it.

-Eulogos of Primus

Out of Character bit:Edit

This is an entirely unofficial (and currently very incomplete) wiki devoted to the world of Primus, the setting underlying the LARP system Labyrinthe. Much of this material is reproduced from the Labyrinthe website and those publications available in the public domain (the Labyrinthe Guide, the downloadable Handbook, and Divine Guidance). We do not claim any authority over this setting nor in any way contest the right of intellectual property asserted by the original writers of the text.

This wiki is provided primarily as a resource to assist new players in familiarising themselves with the history and background that is so instrumental to consistent roleplay, and secondarily as a prospective mechanism for existing characters to share their knowledge of Primus.

Further comments on Out of Character articles and commentary are available.

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